What is Media Sharing?

File extensions uploaded during Media Sharing

mp4 (video codec H.264) and WebM (vp8, vp9) extensions are supported only.

If a file is in neither of these extensions, perform encoding according to the extension and video codec.

Media Sharing

You may select and upload a file to be shared with participants.
Select Media Sharing in the navigation bar on the left and click Add File to upload the file.
During Media Sharing, the user that appears in the small screen at the bottom is the one whose voice is heard (one who turns on his/her microphone and makes a sound).
Move the screen with the arrow at the bottom
(this is not applied to all, so users must move them individually!)


Q. What is the file size that can be uploaded in a stable manner during Media Sharing?

Although a file larger than 2 GB is possible to be uploaded, it may take a long time.
So, if you have a file over 2 GB, either upload it in divided parts or display it via Screen Sharing.

Q. A file is not uploaded!

File may not be uploaded if the name of the file contains a special symbol, character, or emoji. Modify the file name and proceed.

Q. Can the Premium Service also use Media Sharing?

It is available only in the Enterprise Service, not the Premium Service.

Q. The video screen is frequently disconnected.

It is most likely an issue related to the network environment. It is recommended to connect to the personal hotspot of a mobile phone if you are using a laptop and to uninstall unnecessary software in the background if you are using a desktop PC.
Network diagnostic test :