Setting up a meeting room

Set up the meeting room according to your need.
You may set up a meeting room for an actual meeting or for education.

*To set up a meeting room, an "authority" is required in the particular meeting room. Set the authority to "Teacher" or "Assistant" or "Speaker" or "Emcee".

To set up a room, click the cloud-shaped icon(Setup) at the top.

The meeting room information may be checked and revised.

Title, public or private, basic authority, and screen layout can be modified,
and it can be switched to Live Mode.
It can be set as Live Mode. (1-person broadcasting mode/one-way)
The title of the meeting room can be changed. (the room name is changed, but the URL address is not)
Whether the meeting room is public or private can be set. (a password must be set when switching to private)
The authority of a participant entering the meeting room can be set.
Devices to be used upon entering the meeting room can be restricted.
The authority to be assigned to participants upon entering the meeting room for the first time can be set.
Participants test the device in the entry waiting room and ask the administrator to accept entry.
The chat function of the meeting room can be restricted.
SNS streaming feature
- It can be streamed on Facebook and YouTube by entering a streaming key of the social network service.
The screen layout can be changed (grid type/announcement type).